What is Form Titan ?

Last updated Aug 02 2016

FormTitan is one of the best online form builder tools. It provides optimum features to build an online form.
It enables anyone to create an online form in minutes.

Why FormTitan?

The Form builder is easy to use, quick and intuitive. It does not require coding skills and stores all the data entered in your forms automatically.
It is a WYSIWYG tool that enables a form creation process via drag and drop.
Settings of each form can be easily customized (language issues, emails, conditioning etc).
In addition, FormTitan offers many form templates and themes - free of charge. To help you easily create the form you want.

FormTitan has a built in cro engine (conversion rate optimization), which allows you to optimize your online form as much as possible.
It also has other powerful optimization tools, such as A/B Testing, Chat, Heatmaps, Sentiment etc.
FormTitan ensures that your forms are not only stunning, but powerful as well.

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