Free Custom Design

Last updated Aug 12 2016
FormTitan Creates tailor made Designs especially for you

FormTitan Yearly paid license includes free custom design or review assistance as follows:
Express License - includes Free Form Review. This means we go over your form, give you tips and do a few touch-ups ourselves.
Pro License - includes Free Custom Design for 1 form of your choice.
Premium License - includes Free Custom Design for 2 forms of your choice.

How does this work?

1- When you upgrade your account to a yearly license you are entitled to either a Free Form Review or Free Custom Design."
So After you upgrade please contact us and let us know which form you would like us to review or provide custom design to.
2- At this point We will probably need a bit of information regarding to how/where you are planning to use the form, Its size, colors, image etc.
Once you send us this information, it will take us up to 3 days to deliver your reviewed/re-designed form.
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