How do i use the PDF Mapping?

Last updated Mar 25 2018

What is PDF Mapping?

This feature allows you to collect your data using a responsive online form, and receive it in as PDF file.
This is a win-win situation where the data that is entered in the form is stored and can later be managed, while the paper form still gets filled in.

You can also attach the generated PDF to a Salesforce object.
Read more about the paper form mapping

How does this work?
Following are steps to use this feature:

1- Scan your paper form and save it as an image file.


Create an online version of your paper form: Enter the FormTitan form builder and create a new form


Add the same content and fields as in your paper form. 
for example: if your paper form asks for your name, age and signature - you will need to drag a textbox (or full name element , a numeric textbox and a signature element.
Don't forget to add some style and fix the layout of your form in the desktop, tablet and mobile modes.


In the "Properties" panel > Form > Settings > PDF Mapping
Press on "Map Fields" button and the mapping window will open.
In this window you will need to place your online fields ontop of your PDF form image, thus creating a mapping.


When the PDF mapping window opens, the editor is by default in Basic mode. The basic mode has a more graphic approach: allowing you to upload an PDF of a paper document and place form elements on it.
However, If you want to create your own dynamic PDF you can easily change your editor to "Dynamic mode". please notice you have a "Dynamic mode" toggle in the top right part of the window which will change your editor mode.


Press on the "Page" icon (+) and Upload the scanned image of your paper form - make sure it is an A4 document size.
Once it is uploaded, it will act as a canvas and you will need to place the form fields on it.


Press on the "Element" icon. A listbox will open containing your form fields as well as system fields like Creation date (CreateDateTime) or special fields like Bardcode.
Choose a field and it will appear on the paper form canvas.

Move the field on your canvas, and place it exactly where the user input is supposed to be entered (above the relevant line - see in image bellow).

Continue mapping all the fields in this manner.

8-   After placing the elements you can configure the styles of the values that will be  inserted ito the PDF. 
You can change styles for all fields by using the options above: set the font size and color, line height and kerning.
Please otice that when you select an element in the editor canvas "Selected element" styles will be added to the toolbar above, allowing you to change the style of this field: changing its line height, kerning, direction and vertical alignment.


Press on "submit options" to configure what will happen once the published form is submitted
- Preview before submit:  turning on this checkbox will open a preview of the filled paper form once the submit button is pressed. Only after pressing on the "Finish" button in the preview window the form will actually be submitted.
The PDF preview window contains 4 icons in the top right corner: Plus (for zooming in), minus (for zooming out), clear (for clearing the zoom) and Print (for printing the PDF).
- Print and save:  turning on this checkbox will add a saving functionality to the print icon. Pressing on the Print icon will open a dialog for print, and once the printing is approved - it will also submit the form.
- Finish / Close button text: if you decide to turn on the preview before submit option, you can change the text on the buttons at the bottom of it.
- Title:  if you decide to turn on the preview before submit option, you can add a title text to this window.
- Custom file name - Here you can enter a name for the PDF you are now creating. This will be the file name of the PDF attched to the email.
- Send to owner / Send to additional / Send to form emails : Checkboxes that determine where this paper form will be sent to.
- Enable Condition: if you decide to turn on this Checkboxe you will be allowed to add a condition by which this PDF will be generated. Only if the condition terms are met then the PDF will be generated.
- Process upon payment only: turning on this checkbox will make sure that the PDF will be generated only if the payment is executed.

10-  zooming is important for 2 reasons:
A- in order to easily create the mapping, to accurately place the elements and define their sizes.
B- The zoom level you save your pdf mapping with - is the same zoom level that will be displayed to the user in the PDF preview before submit.
So Press on + or - buttons to zoom in and out until you reach the right view size and save the Mapping


Make sure "Enable" toggle is turned on
Save the mapping and then save the form.


 Publish the form to test it and enter data in it  (this is exactly how your form filler will see things).


Press on the form's "submit" button and the preview of your paper form will open.


Press on "Finish"  and your form will be sent.
Check your inbox, and you will find a new email from FormTitan, containing all the data entered with the filled paper form attached.


Opening the attachment will reveal your original paper form, filled in with the data that was entered by the online form.



Attaching the PDF to a Salesforce object

The generated PDF can easily be attached to a Salesforce object by using the Sales push notification option. To do so follow these steps:

  • Open the push to Salesforce popup and select the object you'd like to attach the PDF to, Contact for example.
  • Select "Find" under action and set the condition to the ID of the contact. Click apply.
  • Now add another object under the contact (click the +), select Attachment.
  • Select "Create" under action.
  • Now in the mapped fields the parent id should be automatically set to the contact id selected (something like #1 Contact Record ID).
  • Map the Filename and Body to Pdf mapping.

That's it, now when the form is submitted the PDF will be attached to the object you've selected.

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