Salesforce Integration


All about dual integration to salesforce. 

Salesforce Get
How to read data from salesforce objects
Salesforce Push
How to write data into Salesforce objects
Salesforce get integrationSalesforce Get Integration Example #1Supported Salesforce field types Mapping the Salesforce Picklist FieldMapping the Salesforce Multi-select Picklist FieldMapping the Salesforce Checkbox FieldMapping the Salesforce Phone FieldMapping the Salesforce Text FieldMapping the Salesforce Date FieldMapping the Salesforce Email FieldMapping the Salesforce Auto Number FieldMapping the Salesforce Number FieldMapping the Salesforce URL FieldMapping the Salesforce Textarea FieldMapping the Salesforce Textarea Rich FieldMapping the Salesforce External Lookup RelationshipMapping the Salesforce Hierarchical RelationshipMapping the Salesforce Indirect Lookup RelationshipMapping the Salesforce Date/Time fieldMapping the Salesforce Percent fieldMapping the Salesforce Currency fieldMapping the Salesforce Lookup RelationshipMapping the Salesforce Master-Detail RelationshipPushing the Likert field to SalesforceMapping the Salesforce Formula FieldPopulating your Salesforce data in a Table elementPopulating Salesforce data into a Table with hierarchySalesforce TableSimple TableAdvanced TableSalesforce LookupSharing your Salesforce form with your collaboratorSmart Validation for SalesforceMapping the google map to SalesforceEmbed your form in SalesforceHow to pre-populate the visual composer from SalesforceProgress for SalesforceReading and writing attachments, files and documents from SFLoad your image from salesforce attachment / file / dcoumentDownload your salesforce files or attachmentsHow to add the Smart V to your formHow to customize your Smart VPush a File to SalesforceUpdating data in Salesforce objectsDynamic reply toDebug Mode for HiddenCustom SF buttons in a Multi-page FormIgnore Assignment Rules in SalesforceConditional mapping in Salesforce PushCreate custom message when Skip in SF GetSupported operators for Salesforce Get/Push QueriesRedirect in Custom Push/Get With Action ButtonChanging the Salesforce Table StylesSalesforce Dependency PicklistUsing a Hyperlink From Salesforce in Your TableHow to Dynamically Limit Rows in Salesforce TableHow to Store The Allow Later Editing Link in SalesforceBoolean example 1: Create Account with Boolean condition Salesforce error messages sent in email
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