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Last updated Jan 12 2018

Finding out which conditions affect your field
Using conditional logic means that one or more fields affect the behavior of other field/s in the form.
Finding out if a certain field is effected by conditions is really simple to do. 

 In order to demonstrate how this works we have created a simple example for you to follow.
In the first part we will set up the form and the condition and in the second part we will show you how to use the 'effected by' option.

1- Create a new blank form 
2- Drag a textbox element and a numeric element below it


Select the Textbox element and add a condition that will either show/hide the Numeric
Go to: 'Properties' panel > 'Element' tab > 'Settings' > 'Conditioning' category


Press on the 'Set Conditions' button and configure the following rule:
Current Field Contains aa
Also make sure that the 'Support opposite' checkbox is turned on (so the opposite rule will automatically be generated for you).
Press on 'Apply'
5-  Save the form
  Now we will start the second part of the example:
6- Select the Numeric field to see if it is effected by a condition
Go to "Properties" panel > Element > Settings > Conditioning category > Effected by


Press on the 'Configure' button.


If the field is indeed effected by conditions there will be displayed in the table rows.
Each row contains the following columns:
- Option: This shows in what way  the condition effects the field. In our example the option  "Show" which means that the condition is causing it to appear.
- Owner: This is the field that is affecting your field. In our example it is the Textbox.
- Show friendly condition: This is a link that enables you to view the condition in a more friendly format.
- Configure condition: This is a button that allows you to view the condition configuration and even edit it.
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