FormTitan tutorial videos

Add document to a folder in SalesforcePass parameter to the form so we can load data from SalesforcePayment Integration and Contact creation in SalesforceSalesforce - Check Contact Or LeadThe basics of FormTitan form builderFormTitan Integration with Salesforce for beginnersAdd an attachment to an account object in SalesforceAdd a new content version object to an existing account in SalesforceDisplay Salesforce account object attachments (files)Manipulate hierarchical Salesforce data using a table controlShow all Salesforce contacts and drill up to the accountSearch for an account in Salesforce, display and filter its opportunitiesBuild responsive mobile friendly formsCheck if an email address is a lead in Salesforce and convert it to a contactworking With salesforce many to many data objectsShow and hide form fields using conditions and decide which value to send to SalesforceUse conditions to enable or disable fields, copy values and more using a formGenerate a PDF and attach it to a Salesforce contact objectUse a repeated section control to read and update Salesforce contactsUsing the calculated control to perform calculation and manipulate textUse custom conditions with date fields on a form Use value rules to perform field validation in a formCreate multiple contacts and cases in Salesforce
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