Submissions Dashboard

Last updated Mar 15 2016

Each time you want to enter your submissions you have to go through your submissions dashboard, which provides an overview of your submissions status.

Pressing on "Open" will open a modal window with form cards to choose from. Once you choose a form - its submissions page will open containing the data entered in this form.
1- Open Form. The dashboard has the same toolbar as the submissions page, however apart from the "Open form" option all actions are disabled.
2- Search box - one of the options in the submissions toolbar, which is disabled in the dashboard.
3- Display period.
The charts in this page will update according to the time period chosen: last 7/14/30/100 days.
4- Most active forms
a Pie chart displaying the 3 most active forms - the ones that have the most submissions.
5- Newest
a Pie chart displaying the 3 forms with the newest submissions entered.
6- Submissions per day
a Bar chart displaying the total submissions entered each day. Pressing on a specific bar will open a detailed list of how many submissions were made that day and which form they belong to.
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