SF Get Category - Map Fields

Last updated Jan 31 2018
Map Fields

This is the Sixth category in the accordion and the core of the integration line: this is where you map your form fields to your Salesforce object fields.

This category usually contains one field:
1- ‘Map fields’ button - this button will open a modal window where you will be required to map your form fields to the fields in Salesforce.
Simply choose a form field, open the salesforce field dropdown and choose the field you want to map it to.
Please note!
This button will only appear if you have more than four fields in your form.  If you have four or less the mapping lines will already appear here  
instead of opening in the modal window.

You can use the filter to look for a specific field, or use the "show" drop down to view "All" / "Mapped fields" / "Not mapped fields".

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