SF Get Category - Messages

Last updated Feb 05 2018

This is the Seventh category in the Get integration accordeon. Here you can create custom messages, which will be displayed to the form filler
in certain situations.

This category contains three sets of fields:
1- ‘Disable form while loading’ checkbox (and a textbox below it) - This option is turned on by default. It is used to make your form disabled and display a message while the form is loading. It has a default text: "Loading..." whcih can be changed via the text in the box below.
2- 'Show custom message when data not found' checkbox (and a textbox below it) - When the form filler is in your form and data is populated from Salesforce there may be situations where matching results are not found and it is always recommended to configure a message for this scenario.
All you have to do is turn on this checkbox and enter a custom message in the box below it.
3- 'Show skip message' checkbox (and a textbox below it) - when you choose the "Skip" option from the "If multiple matches found..." radio button (in the  "Condition" category)  it will cause the mapping to be disregarded, which means the form filler will not see this data populated. with this option in mind you should prepare a custom message for when the Skip occurs. Simply turn on this checkbox and enter a custom text in the box below it.

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