SF Get Category- Salesforce Object Settings

Last updated Feb 05 2018
Salesforce Object Settings

The first time this window will open, only the first two categories will be visible: "Connection" and "Salesforce object setting".
The latter will be open by default, since it is the starting point of the integration - this is where you choose your SF object.
So even though this is the second category, it will be the one that is open by default.

This category contains three fields:
1- ‘Select an object’ dropdown - this dropdown contains all of the Salesforce objects - just select the one you want to sync with.
This is a mandatory field - you cannot proceed without choosing an object.
2- ‘Comment’ textbox - This field is not required and will not be visible to the form filler- It is for your purposes only. The comment allows you to add a short description to the integration line you are now creating and help you recognize it in the future.
3- "Execute on form load" checkbox - Turning on this checkbox will execute the get action and populate the fields when the form is loaded.
This is of course not a mandatory field and it is turned off by default. When it is not turned on you will be asked to set a condition (in the next category) by which the data will be drawn from SF. 

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