How do i keep my form private?

Last updated Mar 03 2018

Web forms may be public - open for all to view and fill in, or kept private - allowing only the owner and collaborators he gives permission to view/ fill the form.
Forms created with FormTitan are by default public. If you wish to make them private you must do the following:

1- Open your form in the Form Builder
2- Go to "Form Properties" panel > Settings > "General" tab category > "Public"
3- Turn the "Public" checkbox off

Once the form is private - no one can access it except for you. If you try to publish your form - others will not be able to see it.
If you wish to allow someone to view/fill in your form you can do so by giving him permission to your form. Following are steps to give a collaborator permission:

1- Add a user under your account.
In order to give someone permission to your form you need to add him as a user in your account settings.
Go to "My Account" > "Users" tab


Press on "Add Collaborator" and a modal window will open with a wizard. First step will require you to enter your Collaborator's name and email address.
3- Second step will require you to define the Collaborator permission. It consists of 4 tabs: Form, Theme, Report and submission and under each tab you can turn on the checkboxes of the items you want to permit.

You can choose to give this collaborator permissions "for all", which means he will be able to Read, Edit and delete everything in your account (Forms, Themes, Reports and submissions)
If you choose "Custom" you will need to manually select the items you want to give permission to. if you want to give your collaborator a permission to enter data in your form you will need to choose the "submissions" tab, turn on the checkboxes of the relevant forms
4- Once you finish configuring your permissions - press on "finish" and a collaborator card will be created.
Please note!
A collaborator you create under your account still needs to have his own FormTitan account in order to work. If FormTitan does not recognize him as its user it will automatically set up a new account and send him an activation mail.
4- Once you add the collaborator he will receive an email inviting him to fill data in the form. Since the form is "Private" he will need to login in order to fill it in.
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