how can i apply a theme on my form?

Last updated Apr 10 2017
What is a theme?

According to Wikipedia a theme is a custom graphical appearance for certain software.
In formtitan the FORM is considered to be content while the THEME is the style applied to it: fonts, colors, images, etc. You may compare it to a product and it's packaging.

How do i apply a ready made theme on my form?

When you create a blank form in the form builder, you may not be aware of it - but you are already using our default theme. It is a basic, neutral look that will allow you to focus on the form creation process. However, this may be altered at any time. Adding a theme to your form (which really means changing the default theme) is really easy. All you have to do is:

1- In the form builder - go to right "Properties" Panel.
2- Choose the "Form"" tab > "Settings" > "General" category
3- Scroll down to the "Theme" property and press on the "Change" button
4- the "Open theme" window will open containing three tabs - My themes, Templates and Shared with me. Choose the "Templates" tab to view the ready made FormTitan theme templates.
5- Select the desired theme and press "apply"
6- The window will close and the theme style will immediately be applied on canvas.

Watch the tutorial:

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