What types of forms i can build with FormTitan?

Last updated Jan 28 2016

FormTitan enables you to create infinite types of forms. To put things in order we, at FormTitan, have decided to divide the forms into 11 type groups:

1- contact forms,  2- newsletter, 3-  event registration forms,  4 - order and payment forms, 5- application forms, 6- Sign up forms, 7- survey forms, 8- donation forms, 9- contest forms, 10- lead generation forms and  11- other types of forms.

Why is this important?
When you create a form with FornTitan, it constantly scans your form, providing you with tips to improve it. (CRO Tips)
Each type of form has its own set of CRO rules, so in order to get the best advice for improving your form - we suggest you specify its type in the form settings (Form Settings >Advanced> Optimization > Type of form )

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