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  • How can I shorten a text field value so it will fit in de Salesforce User Alias field (max. 8 characters)?
    Titan User  Asked 6 days ago
    Views 9
    Answers 2
  • I want the user to be able to push a button on the form and then a set of fields and/or text appears.
    Titan User  Asked 6 days ago
    Views 9
    Answers 1
  • When I added an additional user, they received the email to join, but it asking them to sign up for another account. I thought they would be prompted to get a password, sign on and see the forms that I allowed them to see. What are we doing wrong??
    Julie Williams  Asked 02/09/2018 12:49
    Views 14
    Answers 1
  • how do I upload a pdf to which I want to add fields
    Titan User  Asked 11/26/2017 09:28
    Views 78
    Answers 1
  • when i embed the form in my web page it shows a warning about translation i do not want to see. is there any way to get rid of this?
    maria isidoro  Asked 10/26/2017 19:10
    Views 87
    Answers 1
  • I have two separate fields on a form. I'd like to combine the two field's inputs so that I can push it into one Salesforce field. I thought you might be able to accomplish this with a hidden field that concatenates the two input fields but I'm not sure how to do this.
    John Stevens  Asked 09/07/2017 13:50
    Views 130
    Answers 1
  • Tab order remains the initial tab order, even after changing the "Tab Order" number under "Size & Position".
    Support ICT  Asked 09/07/2017 10:46
    Views 133
    Answers 1
  • Hi. How do you stop 'good' appearing after each entry in an input field?
    Paul Creanor  Asked 08/27/2017 14:47
    Views 136
    Answers 1
  • hi, i´m bulding a form, but i trate to see a prewiev and part of my form is not avaible, i don´t see all the form, can you help me?, i´m from Guatemala, don´t speak english so good, sorry.
    Saulita Salguero Figueroa  Asked 07/16/2017 14:29
    Views 132
    Answers 1
  • How can I move this form I have created to my website for use by visitors?
    Titan User  Asked 07/07/2017 16:46
    Views 117
    Answers 1
  • I added a youtube video to my form but it does not show up. Are there other settings I need to change?
    Titan User  Asked 06/24/2017 12:13
    Views 130
    Answers 1
  • When I export a form into xls how can I put the checkbox multivalue in different columns instead of separated by ; in the same column? Thank you
    Titan User  Asked 05/29/2017 08:01
    Views 140
    Answers 1
  • Can I download the form HTML/CSS/javascript after building it. I need it for an intranet site
    Titan User  Asked 05/25/2017 04:25
    Views 138
    Answers 1
  • I have an input box that can accept from 1 or more items as a valid input. However, the drop down box only allow a single selection. Please advise how to have the user select from a list of items & be allowed to select more than just one.
    Titan User NZ  Asked 03/05/2017 14:28
    Views 168
    Answers 1
  • I have an account with Form Titan. I would like to use Zapier to extract data from the form to airtable. I filled out the API number and subdomain for my form as requested by Zapier. I got an error stating "DataPostError: Problem creating auth. (authorisation returned (404) Not Found and said "User Invalid")
    Titan User NZ  Asked 03/02/2017 23:48
    Views 317
    Answers 1
  • Hi, We need a form where the responses can be downloaded as a PDF by the responder and/or the responder will also receive their responses in a PDF format too. Do you have that feature?
    Titan User  Asked 03/02/2017 13:22
    Views 147
    Answers 1
  • I have a form on my page It's very different from preview with all fields very long. How can i do?
    Marco Chaintello  Asked 02/13/2017 16:02
    Views 158
    Answers 1
  • I need to add middle name in FULL NAME option.Please
    Titan User  Asked 02/02/2017 04:29
    Views 167
    Answers 1
    Titan User  Asked 02/02/2017 03:12
    Views 182
    Answers 2
  • Hi benny, All my contact forms are white on my site
    Marco Chaintello  Asked 01/27/2017 09:01
    Views 157
    Answers 1
  • Is it possible to have an order form that when it is submitted, sends me an email with the info but also allows for the the user to print the form?
    Titan User  Asked 11/17/2016 14:35
    Views 209
    Answers 1
  • We do need do enter sensitive information to the forms. Is it possible to host the generated forms on our own server? Cheers, Manuel
    Titan User  Asked 09/29/2016 11:18
    Views 203
    Answers 1
  • I can't find the email with the password you sent me so I can't remember what it is and so can't change my password to one I can remember.
    Titan User  Asked 09/01/2016 21:27
    Views 218
    Answers 1
  • In the alone submission of "Iscrizione dott. Willard" in a answer appears "true". There is a matter? Thank you very much
    Marco Chaintello  Asked 08/02/2016 15:18
    Views 245
    Answers 1
  • Hi, Is it possible to put up a register and login form for my website under the Free module? or do I have to sign up for one of the module? Please assist. Thanks
    Titan User  Asked 07/31/2016 01:01
    Views 234
    Answers 1
  • sir, When I subscribe to the Pro version, can we install the collection form to collect offerings and donations from our organization?...Can payment be collected via credit card, paypal or online banking transaction? What about online sale of goods? Basically, we can collect online payments via the standard payment methods? Please assist. Thank you so much. Lam
    Titan User  Asked 07/20/2016 03:32
    Views 220
    Answers 1
  • How to change font size message " thanks" to send'
    Walter Pino  Asked 07/18/2016 14:58
    Views 213
    Answers 1
  • how do i insert these at the beginning of the form? I have typed them in the box, but they no longer appear in the form.
    Wells Hall  Asked 06/09/2016 07:42
    Views 248
    Answers 1
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