Why should I use Formtitan?

Last updated Aug 21 2017

Today everyone needs online forms. weather you have your own small business, you are an employee in a big company, or even have a blog - forms are used all over.
In the traditional way, a programmer was needed to create web forms and configure or alter them. If you wanted to create ones yourself you would need to develop some coding skills. Nowadays, there are many form builders online - allowing you to create a form without any programming knowledge.

These form builders vary in their methods and capabilities. each have different number of field elements they provide, styling options, themes, form templates, customization options and so on.

FormTitan is a powerful form builder. it not only enables easy and intuitive work, it also adds power to your web form, using its optimization tools:
CRO - It has a built in CRO engine that highlights the mistakes made in your form (such as bad label alignment, missing tool tips, number of mandatory fields etc).
A/B Testing - It enables you to compare a few versions of your form to see which one perform best.
Chat - It allows you to interact with your users in real time.
Heatmap - It provides a graphical representation of how your visitors move along your Form
Auto Translate - allow visitors to view your form in their native language.
Form Conditioning - allows you to add logic to your form in order to hide/show fields depending on user input.
you can also send emails, show messages or redirect your form based on user input.
Sentiment analysis - teach your formtitan how to "read" your user's intentions.

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