How do I change my subdomain?

Last updated May 05 2017
How to change your subdomain? 

When you sign up to FormTitan you are not asked to enter a subdomain, It is randomly generated for you. However, you can change it if you wish and it is really easy to do.
The option is located in your account settings and is available at all times.

Following are the steps to change your subdomain name:

1- Sign in to your FormTitan account.
2- Open the User sub menu and choose "My Account".
3- Inside "Profile" tab simply change the text inside the "Subdomain" textbox. Please notice that the beginning (https://) and ending ( of this input box cannot be altered.
4- If this subdomain name is already taken - you will be alerted about it, and will need to change it.
5- Once you step out of the "Subdomain" field, it will be saved with its new value.
Things to Consider:

Your subdomain is used in URLs associated with your account: in links to your forms, reports, etc.
When you change your subdomain, all links and embed codes for your existing forms and reports will be updated with the new subdomain name and the previous links which contain the old subdomain will no longer work.
For this reason it is recommended to change your subdomain before you start publishing your forms and reports.
If you have already published forms and reports and still wish to change your subdomain - please make sure to re-publish them so that the codes you are using will contain the new subdomain.

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