How do I keep up with the limits of my account?

Last updated May 05 2017
Account limits status - forms, submissions, users, storage, api 

Each FormTitan license has a different set of features and limitations. For example: the "PRO" license allows you to add users under your account, however sets a limit of 10 users.
In order to keep up with your status, Each limited feature has a counter that shows how many items were used, so you will know how many are left and if you need to upgrade.
Following are steps to view your License Status:

1- Sign in to your FormTitan account.
2- Open the User sub menu and choose "My Account".
3- Go to the right side of the "Profile" tab. Your license status will be displayed in Five colored strips: Forms, Submissions, Users, Storage, API. Each Strip will show
3- Each strip shows:
total number limited by your license, represented by the right number. for example: 5 forms.
The total number is also represented by the gray strip.
Number of items used so far, represented by the left number. for example: 1 form.
Number of items used is also represented by the blue part of the strip.
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