What do I need the default language for?

Last updated May 05 2017
Default language 

FormTitan enables you to run a spell check on your forms. It also enables Auto Translate, which is an option to display your forms with translation to other languages when user chooses to.
In order to use the option above you will need to set your default language. You can do so in the account settings (which will effect all forms in the account), or have it set specifically inside the form's settings.

Account Language

Following are the steps to set your account language:

1- Sign in to your FormTitan account.
2- Open the User sub menu and choose "My Account".
3- Open the "Default time zone" drop down and choose your time zone.

Form Language

Following are the steps to set your form Language:

1- Enter your form.
2- Press on "form settings" icon in the top menu.
Choose the "advanced" tab > "Personalization"" Category > Default Language.
3- Open the drop down and choose your Language.
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