Advanced Values

Last updated Jul 04 2017

FormTitan provides a feature of advanved values for the Multiple input elements: Dropdown, Radion button and Checkbox.
This feature enables you to present the user with options, which have different values behind them. This may be used, for eample, in online tests, where you ask your users to answer a question by selecting the correct answer out of 4 options.  The user sees the 4 answers. but behind each answer there is in fact a different value, which is the score. The 3 wrong answers have a value of 0 while the right answer has the value of 10, for example.
Another case you can use this feature in is when you want to integrate with another system and you need to use an internal value for that. This value is not important to the user and that's why it is not shown to him, however it is necessary for the integration.

How to use the avanced values feature?

Following are instructions:

1- Enter the form builder and create a new form.
2- Drag a Multiple Input element : a Dropdown, a radio button or a checkbox.


Once the element is selected, go to its "Basic Settings".
"Properties Panel"  > "Element" tab > "Basic" category and configure its items.
In the example i have created a dropdown called "Colors" with choices: Red, Green and Blue.


Now go to the elements "Advanced Settings".
"Properties Panel"  > "Element" tab > "Advanced" category

Click on "Configure" button


a window will open containing all of the Dropdown's options names written in the left column, and their value in the right column.
The first time you enter this window the default value will be same as the option name and you will need to change it according to your needs.

In the example i changed "Red" value to "1", "Green" value to "2" and "Blue" value to "3".


Press "Apply" and save the form.

8- This value will appear iwhen you export your data , in addition to the choice that was selected, the value will also be displayed next to it.
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