Auto Submit Your Form

Last updated Feb 27 2018
Seems that there are use cases, in which the form owner does not want the form filler to enter data in the form. He wants to auto populate the fields and have the form automatically submitted.
In order for this to be possible we have added a new feature called: "Auto Submit".

Following are the steps to make your form auto submit:
1- Enter your form in the form builder
Since this form is intended for auto submit, you should make sure the data is populated in the form automatically when it loads. you can use Params in the URL for this, Salesforce Get integration and conditions to set values in fields based on input.
2- Go to "Properties" panel > Form tab > Settings option > On submit category 
3- Turn on the "Allow Auto Submit" checkbox
an input box will mow appear below it and you will be required to enter a string of 16 alpha numeric characters.
for example: abc234fr48yttr32


Save the form
5- Publish the form
6- Add the following to your form URL:
So it look like this in your Browser address bar: 


Press on "Enter" and you will then see the form is loaded, populated and finally auto submitted.
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