Base your Goggle map on an address

Last updated Mar 05 2018

We've just added a new feature where you can easily base your Google map on a form filler's input. 
To do so you can collect the address details using an Address element or a Textbox element. Following are the steps to do this:

1- Drag  an Address element

2- Drag a Google map element below it

3- Select the Address element on canvas and add an Address validation to it, 
Go to: "Properties" panel > "Element" tab > "Settings" option > "Value Rule" category
Choose "Address validation" from the rule dropdown and press "Apply".

4- Now select the google map on canvas and bind it to the address field.
Go to: "Properties" [anel > "Element" tab > "Settings" option > "Advanced" category
Turn on the "Sync map from" checkbox. a dropdown will appear and you will be able to choose the address fields from it.

5- Save the form and you are set to go!
6- Now you can test your form:
- Publish it as URL
- start entering an address. An auto complete option will be active to help you fill in a valid address.
- Once you see your address - select it from the auto-complete and you will see how the google map is changing location accordingly.

Try our LIVE Example

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