Collapsible Section

Last updated Jan 04 2018

What is a collapsible Section?
A collapsible section is an area of content that may be shown or hidden with a click of a button. It is usually displayed collapsed by default, allowing the user to expand it when needed. This solution is ideal for long forms that contain a lot of information, since it hides the section but still displays a short text & button that lead to it.

How do I create a collapsible section?
This is very simple - just follow the steps:
1- Enter the form builder
2- Drag a section element

3- Go to 'Properties panel' > Element > settings > basic and turn on the 'Enable Collapse' checkbox
you will now see the section change on canvas - a header and icon will be added at the top of it.

4- You are basically finished. all that's left is to enlarge the section and place the content in it.

5- You can also change the style of the collapsing header and button:
Select the section and go to  'Properties panel' > "Element" > "style"
The collapsing section contains a header strip and a button - you will be able to change their styles in both states (when the section is collapsed and when the section is expanded).
Choose these items in the  "Apply style to"  dropdown and change their styles.
- Expand Header
- Button Collapse
- Collapse Header
- Button Expand

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