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Last updated Apr 04 2018

If you are creating an online form that needs to be displayed in several languages, you can use our Auto Translate optimization
to easily have it presented to your foreign users with in their native language.
However, in some cases you may find the automatic translation insufficient or not precise enough. You may be using technical terms, or even
simple words with multiple meanings and need to translate things yourself. This is where our custom translation feature becomes handy.

When using this option you can control all the labels, captions,  user tips, button text in your form. and you can create different  translations to as many language as you want.

Following is an example of a how to add custom translation to a simple form in French:

1- Enter the form builder and create a new form.

drag a textbox and change its label text to: Nom de la compagnie (which means 'Company Name').
Change the text on your button to "soumettre le formulaire" (which means 'submit form' )

In order to have the form translated you must first declare the form's original language (in this case: Frence).
Go to "Properties" panel > "Form" tab > "Settings" option > "Personalization" category

Choose "French" in the Language drop down.


 Now you can add the custom translation.
Go to: "Properties" panel > "Form" tab > "Settings" option > "Optimization" category


Turn on the "Custom Translation" checkbox and then press on the "Edit" button below it.


Choose a language you would like to translate your form to. for example: English.


the fields of the form will now be displayed in small tables, each containing the current field text (in French), and you will need to replace these texts with your english version.
For example: you can change 'soumettre le formulaire' text on the button to 'Submit this form now' which has a slight difference in meaning


Press on "Apply" and save the form
10- Now you can publish your form as URL and see the result:
Whenever a translation feature is used in the form (Auto or Custom) a pale blue strip will appears at the top of the web page, saying that the page has been translated.
It also gives the user  the opportunity to view the form in its original language, if he chooses to. 

Watch a video about Form Translation
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