DropDown with Hierarchy

Last updated Jul 04 2017

FormTitan, like other form builders, provides a "Dropdown" element you can add to your form to. With this element the form filler can input data in your form by choosing from a list of options.  FormTitan, however, provides two types of DropDown: a regular Dropdown called"simple", and a dropdown with a few levels called "Tree" (which is in fact a Dropdown with Hierarchy).

How to create a Dropdown with Hierarchy?
Following are instructions:

1- Enter the form builder and create a new form or open the form you would like to add it to.
Please note!
Since the "simple" Dropdown has only one level, you can always change it to a "tree" by adding Hierarchy to it.
However, In this example we will show you how to create a "Tree" Dropdown from scratch.
2- Drag a Dropdown.


Once selected go to its properties and change its label text.
"Properties Panel"  > "Element" tab > Settings > "Basic" category > Label
In the example I have created the dropdown is called "School Kids".
4- Now change the Mode to "Tree"
"Properties Panel"  > "Element" tab >  Settings > Mode Radio button > Tree

Press on the "Configure" button


a window will open containing all of the Dropdown's default options. 
You will see 3 rows. Each row is an item in the highest level of the tree. (Parent)
Each row has its own icons to do the following:
Edit - You can change each item's name with the "Edit" Icon.
Delete - remove an item by pressing on "Delete"
Add - add new options under a specific row (Child) by pressing on the "Add" button (+) in that row.
In addition there is an "Add object" button which allows you to add more items to the parent level.

In the example I configured a tree with 3 levels:
The parent level ,which contains schools:  Elementary school, Middle school and High school
Under the "Elementary" school option I added another level (child) with 2 options: 'Class 1' and 'Class 2'
and under "Class 2" I  added another level with 3 kids names.


Press "Apply" and save the form.

8- Publish your form so you can see for yourself how the Dropdown will appear to your users.
The items on the list will be displayed with an indentation to show the Hierarchy.
9- In addition to this
Once data is entered in this dropdown and submitted you will  be able to see the data displayed in a Hierarchy, like shown in the screenshot from the submissions page (below).
It will be displays like this in your email, submissions page and exported data.

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