Field validations

Last updated May 02 2017

Field validation is designed to make sure that the data entered is of high quality.  Receiving false, incorrect data, is a waste of your time and energy, requiring you to make corrections.
FormTitan allows you to valdate the data that is entered in your form in 2 ways:
1- Automatic validation
2- Adding Value Rules manually

Automatic validation
There are a few fields, which have a built in validation in them. When you drag these elements on to your canvas you will not have to worrie about the validation - because it will work automatically when data is entered in them.
The elements are: Numeric element, Email element, URL element, Privacy element, .

Value Rules

Value rules are validations you can add to a certain field in your form.
Once this validation is set, the form filler will not be able to enter data, which is different from what you configured.

View this example to see the steps: 

1- Select the field you want to add a value rule - and go to its "Element" settings on the right  

2- Configure the rule. This window resembles the "Element conditions" window, where you also need to configure rules. However, there is a significant difference:
While in the condition you configure a rule like: if field contain X (/ not contain/ start with/ etc)  then do Y. In the value rule there is no result for when the condition is met - you simply configure that the field must contain X ( / not contain/ start with / end with/ etc).

In this example i made a rule that the "Name" textbox has to contain "John".

3- Now let's test the form to see what the validation in action.
Save the form and publish it.
Try enter a different name in the "Name" field and you will get a message that : Name should contain "John".  Until this is not corrected you will not be able to submit the entry.

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