Geo Localization

Last updated May 15 2018

What is Geo Localization?
This option determins the language in which the Address element and Goggle Map will be set to.
This means that if you use the Address field combined with an address rule validation (to make sure the address really exsists) the suggestions will appear in the language you chose.
Also - if you connect the address field to the Google map, so the map is populated based on the address - 
Following is an example to make this clearer:

1- create a new form: from blank
2- drag an Address element 
From 'Elements' panel > 'Advanced' category > Address

3- Add a value rule to the address 
Go to: 'Properties panel' > 'Element' tab > 'Settings' option > 'Value Rule' category
Press on 'Set value rules' button and choose 'Adress validation' from the dropdown.

4- Drag a Google map below the Address
From: 'Elements' panel > 'Widgets' category > Google map

5- Connect the map to the Address field
Go to: 'Properties panel' > 'Element' tab > 'Settings' option > 'Advanced'  category
Turn on the 'Sync map from' checkbox and choose the address field from the dropdown.

6- Set the Geo Localization to "Italan"
Go to: 'Properties panel' > 'Form' tab > 'Settings' option > 'Personalization'  category
Choose Italian in the 'Geo localization' dropdown

7- Save the form and publish it as URL.
8- Test the form:
- Try to enter a few charachters in your published form's address - you will see that the suggested addresses are in italian (see in image: Stati Uniti is italian for United states)

- Choose the suggested address and you will see that:
A. the map loads it
B. the map is displayed in Italian as well.


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