Ignore Mandatory Validation

Last updated Jan 19 2018

When you have several mandatory fields in your form it slows the form filler down, So it's no surprise to find a CRO rule regarding this, recommending to use as few as possible. 
However, sometimes there is no going around it and you must flag the fields as required. That's ok, but when you start to test your form (prior to launching it), you may find that you are secretly wishing the mandatory validations could be ignored. Well. wish no more - This can be done.

This option will allow you to load your form for testing without the mandatory validations.

Following is an example of how to use the Ignore Mandatory option:
1- Open / Create a form that has mandatory fields in it.
2- Publish your form as URL and add the following string at the end of your URL in the address field of the browser: 
  for example: https://sub-domain.formtitan.com/516097424469?FTIgnoreMandatory=true
3- Press enter to load the page
Please note that you must be logged in to your FormTitan account while you are testing the form (simply use 2 tabs of the same browser in 
order to do this test - in the first tab log in and in the second paste the form url). 
4- Now go ahead and fill in your form freely without any regard to the mandatory fields.

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