Image Masking

Last updated May 25 2017
The Image Element

One of the Graphic form elements provided by FormTitan is the "Image".
This element is frequently used and that is why it is the second element in the "Elements" panel. When you drag an Image to your canvas a "Set Image" window automatically opens, allowing you to choose an image from our gallery or upload your own.

What is Image Masking?

Masking is image manipulation. It allows you to choose an image or a specific part of it and apply a masking option on it (like zoom in/our, rotate, reflect, crop).

Once the image is placed on canvas (or any time it is selected), a small button appears beneath it  - "Edit Image".
Pressing on the button will reveal masking options

Following are steps to apply a mask on part of your image: 

1- Enter your form in the form builder
2- Drag an Image element on to your canvas
3- Press on the "Edit Image"
4- Masking options will open
Notice that at this stage a highlighted rectangle area will appear inside your image - this represents the area you would like to crop at the end of the process. 

The Masking options are (from top to bottom, and left to right):
move - allows you to move the image inside its container, using the mouse.
Zoom In/ Zoom Out - allows you to enlarge the image or make it smaller within its container.
Rotate Left / Rotate Right - each time you press on the icon the image will rotate 45 degrees.
Crop - crops the image inside the highlighted selection area.
Move Left / Move Right / Move Up / Move Down - each time you press on the move icon the image will move to your chosen direction.
Reflect Horizontal / Reflect  Vertical - allows you to flip the image from to to bottom or from side to side.
Apply - Once you finished applying your mask you will need to press on "apply" to save it and show the result on canvas.
Close - pressing on this button will cancel your mask and close the masking options.



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