Multiple Selection DropDown

Last updated Aug 23 2017

FormTitan, like other form builders, provides a regular "Dropdown" element you can add to your form, however this simple Dropdown can easily be turned into a multiple selection dropdown. With this element the form filler can choose a few options instead of only one.

How to create a Dropdown for multiple selection?
Following are instructions:

1- Enter the form builder and create a new form or open the form you would like to add it to.
2- Drag a Dropdown.


Once selected go to its properties and change its label text.
"Properties Panel"  > "Element" tab > Settings > "Basic" category > Label
In the example I have created the dropdown is called "Colors".
4- Now change the options inside the Dropdown
"Properties Panel"  > "Element" tab >  Settings > "Basic" category  > Options
In the example I have added the following options: Red, Green, Blue


Turn on the "Multiple Selection" checkbox
Please notice that now the dropdown on canvas will change - it will have a larger height (of 70px instead of the default 40px height of the regular dropdown)


If you wish you can change the style of the multiple dropdown, its size, background, border etc - same as you do with other elements.


Save the form and publish it to see how it works.
The user will need to press on the bottom part of the multi select dropdown and a list of items will open. Choosing an item will then insert the item into the dropdown container. 
Pressing on an item's remove (x) button will delete it from your selection.
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