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Last updated Aug 23 2017

When you create an online form using FormTitan form builder it is has a default action when the form is submitted - and that is the " Thank you message".  If you wish to have the form redirected to another URL upon submission instead,  you can easily do so using the  "Redirect to URL" property. Moreover,  We offer the option to set parameters  that will be added to the redirect URL.

Following are steps to redirect to URL:
1- Go to  "Elements" properties > "Settings" > "On submit" 
2- Turn on the "Redirect to URL" checkbox
3- Enter the URL in the textbox
4- If you wish to make your Redirect URL open in a blank page - you can easily do so by changing the "Open in" dropdown value to "_blank".

5- To add parameters: press on the "Set parameters" button
a window will open, containing the fields of the form in the left column. You will then need to:
- turn on the "Use" checkbox for every field you would like to add,
- give each field you are using a Param Name that will be added to the URL.

6- Press on apply and save the form.
7- you can now check your form in publish. Once data is submitted the form will be redirected to the URL you entered with the parameters added to it at the end.

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