Save and Resume

Last updated Apr 09 2018

Some forms are long and when you start entering data you realize that you need to finish the task at a later date. In most forms, this means the all the data you entered till that moment will be lost and the next time you return to this form you will need to start over. Well...this is no longer a problem with FormTitan "Save and Resume" feature.

"Save & Resume" enables the form filler to  enter only a part of the data and save it for a later date. 

Note that file upload controls cannot be saved in this manner.

Following are steps to add this feature:
1- Enter the form in the form builder
2- Add a button to your form (in addition to the submit button) -
3- in "Properties panel" > "Element" tab > "Settings" > "Basic" category  
Change button type to "Draft" and button text to "Save & Resume"

4- save your form
5- publish your form to test it
Now enter data only in the first field and Press on the "Save & Resume" button.
A small window will open, asking you to enter your email address.
A link of the form will be sent you and you will be able to resume when you like. In addition the URL of the form will also appear, allowing you to copy it for future use, 

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