Submissions push

Last updated Oct 20 2017

When you have your online form integrated with one or more 3rd party applications then each data entered through the form is automatically synced in these platforms as well.
However, if submissions had been entered prior to setting up the integrations, then those entries would obviously not be synced.
ThIs is where the “submissions push” becomes handy. It enables you to select those entries that were not synced and manually push them to all your integrations at once.
This push operation also includes also files.

Following are steps to push your submissions:

1- Make sure that your form does indeed have an active integration. If the integration is not configured, or if it is turned off - the submissions push will not be available.

Enter your form submissions.

3-  Turn on the “select” checkbox on the left to choose the entries you would like to push


Press on the “push” icon 

Confirm the push and this data will be synced in all of the integrations you have set up.

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