Valid / Error Indicators

Last updated May 17 2017
What are the valid and error indicators?

When a user fills data in a published form, each time he enters data in a field he gets an indication beneith that field. 
The error indicator, which is red by default, appears when an invalid value has been entered in the field. For example: an invalid email address like: amy@com, or a number larger than 30 when the field has a rule to allow the values 0-20.

The valid indicator,
which is green by default, appears when a valid value has been entered in the field. So infact each field you enter, and does not produce an error will result in the display of valid indicator.

Both indicators are active by default, however, if you wish to hide one of them or even both, you can do so. 
This configuration is done per form. This means that you can have one form that displays both indicators, another form that only displays the error indicator and another that does not display any indicator at all.
Following are steps to control the appearance of the indicators:

1- Enter your form in the form builder
2- Go to the "Properties" panel > Form > Settings > "Optimization" category
3- Turn off the relrevant checkbox to make the indicator inactive.
4- Save your form
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