Last updated Aug 21 2017

One of the online form properties is its language. This property may be different in each form you create: so you can build one form in English, one in French and another in Italian for example. 
Building an online form in a different language is easy - you drag the elements on to the canvas as usual, and then simply change the labels and text to the language of your choice as well as change the error messages.

But why change the the form language specification?
Changing the specification of your form language in the form settings will allow you to run a spell check on your form and have it auto translated if you wish. 

Following are steps to specify your form language :

1- Sign in to your FormTitan account.
2- Enter your form in the form builder.
3- Open your "Form Settings"
go to "Properties" panel > "Settings" tab > "Personalization" Category 
4- Open the Language drop down and choose your Language.
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