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Last updated Jun 05 2017

"My Account" gives you quick access to settings and tools for managing your FormTitan account. It is divided into nine tabs and "Mailing List" tab is the third.
In this tab you can create mailing or phone lists in your account, and later on use them to send targeted emails.

Following are steps to create a mailing list:

1- Enter your FormTitan account
2-  Open the "User" sub menu and select "My account" page
3- Go to "Mailing Lists" tab. if you have no lists the page will be empty except for an "Add List" button.
Press on the button.
4- A small window will open, asking you to fill in the list  basic details:
List type (email or phone), Name, Description, and four checkboxes to make the list active, and agree to our terms.


The new list will now be added to the grid on the left. Selecting the list row in the grid will show its details on the right.


Press on "Manage list members" button and a window will open, in which you will be required to add your list members.
Adding the members my be done manually - one by one, or by uploading a CSV file (you have a button for either option).
Each member you add should have the following details:
for an email list : email address, first name, last name, is active (checkbox)
for an sms list : phone number, first name, last name, is active (checkbox)

Once you add users they will be displayed in the table.


Once all members are added - close this window and you're done.
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