Version - March 28, 2018

Last updated Mar 28 2018

New version - 28.03.2018

It’s spring! It’s spring! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and Titan’s in a good mood, smiling, feeling satisfied with his new version. He has been working mighty hard to provide you all with many new additions that will make you smile as well (and of course, as always, bug fixes).

What does this version have instore for you?
- New Version Control feature
- Save and resume in hebrew
- Changing the title text in the thank you message box
- Conditional Logic in the PDF Mapping
- PDF generated upon payment
- Providing one month of Error log history
- Push logs available in my submissions
- Ignore mandatory and validations in Custom Push
- Setting current date/time as default values in Date/Time fields
- Salesforce Get on load based on a hidden field
- Added error messages for skip in push
- Tranzila payment form now works with Thank you message and Redirect to URL
-  Is empty condition added in Numeric and Price
- Hotkeys in form builder for Mac
- Populate Date Time fields with Params from url
and much more...

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