Supporting Child Objects in SF Push Payment

Last updated Mar 08 2018

This addition deals with the combination of the Salesforce integration and the Payment.
Imagine you set a push integration which contains 3 integration lines, one under the other as child objects. for example:
Under it - "Contact"
and under that - "Case".
Each occupies a separate integration line but they are tied to one another with hierarchy.

If you have Payment integration in your form and would like to push the data to the Salesforce object and child objects  only after the Payment has been executed  - this can be done.
As you know, when configuring the SF Push integration you can push the payment data along with the other data in the push (by turning on the checkbox in the last category of the accordion). If you look carefully you will see that a label is added to the integration line after the checkbox is turned on saying : "Create upon payment".
In order to push all 3 lines after payment - all you have to do is mark the first line (the parent) as having payment integration and this will take care of everything.

Watch this LIVE tutorial of how to: 
Capture payments, create/update a contact in Salesforce and associate a custom payment object with that contact.


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