Salesforce Action Link Template Object

Last updated Apr 22 2018

Integration with the Salesforce Action Link Template Object

FormTitan is an online web tool that allow you to create online forms and landing pages. It also enables you to build Forms for Salesforce.The FormTitan form builder can easily integrate with salesforce action link template object. Not only does this require no coding skills on your part, but the salesforce connector is seamless and powerful. Unlike other products, our salesforce connector not only writes to your salesforce action link template object but it can also read from it and populate your online form fields instantly. Furthermore, You can read from multiple objects at a time, with or without dependencies and query your objects based on any value from your form. 

online form builder with a robust salesforce integration

About the Salesforce Action Link Template Object
Action link templates let you reuse action link definitions and package and distribute action links. An action link is a button on a feed element. Clicking an action link can take a user to another Web page, initiate a file download, or invoke an API call to an external server or Salesforce. Use action links to integrate Salesforce and third-party services into the feed. This object is available in API version 33.0 and later.


Create action link templates in Setup. Use Apex classes in the ConnectApi namespace or Chatter REST API to instantiate action links from templates and to post feed elements with the action links.

For information about action links, see “Working with Action Links” in the Apex Developer Guide or the Chatter REST API Developer Guide.

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