Salesforce Custom Brand Asset Object

Last updated Apr 22 2018

Integration with the Salesforce Custom Brand Asset Object

FormTitan is an online web tool that allows you to create web forms, landing pages and online Salesforce forms. The FormTitan form builder can easily integrate with salesforce custom brand asset object. Not only does this require no coding skills on your part, but the salesforce connector is seamsless and powerful.Unlike other products, our salesforce connector not only writes to your salesforce custom brand asset object but it can also read from it and populate your online form fields instantly. Furthermore, You can read from multiple objects at a time, with or without dependencies and query your objects based on any value from your form. 

online form builder with a robust salesforce integration

About the Salesforce Custom Brand Asset Object
Represents a branding element in a custom branding scheme. For example, a color, logo image, header image, or footer text. A CustomBrandAsset can apply to a community or to an organization using Salesforce1. This object is available in API version 28.0 and later.


Use this object to add basic branding elements—color scheme, header or footer images, login page logo, or footer text—to the branding scheme (CustomBrand) for your Network. You must have “Create and Manage Communities” to customize community branding.

If you’re using communities in Salesforce1, the loading page shows the logo.

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