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Last updated Apr 23 2018

Having hidden fields in your form is pretty cool. It's kind of like pulling off a magic trick and using invisible aids for it. It allows you to store data in fields without making your form fillers aware of anything. This stored data is used to add logic & sophistication to your forms.
However,  when it comes to checking your form, prior to launching it, it may get a little tricky...since you are not really a magician and the values
that return to these hidden fileds are also invisible to you.
This is why we have added the 'Debug Mode', which allows you to see the values in the hidden fields for debug purposes.

Following is a step by step example of how to create a form with a hidden field, and how to use the Debug Mode:
First Part - Creating a form with a hidden field
1- Create a new blank form.
2- Drag a Dropdown element to your form - we will populate this dropdown with all of the account names from your Salesforce account.
Change its label text to: Account name
and remove all of the list default items

3- Drag a Textbox - we will populate the account phone in it from Salesforce.
Change its label text to : phone
4- Drag a hidden field - we will store the account Id in it
Change its label to: account_id

5- Now configure the Salesforce integration:
- go to 'Properties' panel > Form tab > Settings > Salesforce integration category
- Press on '' button
- Authenticate with Salesforce
- select object: Account
and turn on the 'Execute on form load' - so this list will be populated when the form loads.

- In the "Condition" category  choose the option "All" in the 'If multiple matches found...' radio button and enter a limit number (of 300 in this case).

-  Map fields:  Account name --> Account Name

- Press on 'Apply' and you will see that 1 integration line has been created.

- Press on the 'Add Object' and choose "Account" again . This time do not turn on the "Execute on form load" checkbox.
-  Set condition:  Account ID equals account name value

- Choose 'First' in the 'If multiple matches found take ID from' radio button

- Map fields: 
account_id -- > Account ID 
phone --> Account Phone

- Press on 'Apply'
- You will now see that 2 integration lines were created.
- Press 'Apply' and save your form.

Second Part - Using the debug mode
Please note that you must be logged in to your FormTitan account while you are testing the form (simply use 2 tabs of the same browser in 
order to do this test - in the first tab log in and in the second paste the form url). 
- Publish your form as URL and add the following string at the end of your URL in the address field of the browser: 
  for example:
- Press enter to load the page
- Choose an account from the dropdown and you will now see the account ID populated in the hidden field.

Learn more about  Salesforce forms

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