Salesforce Static Resource Object

Last updated Apr 23 2018

Integration with the Salesforce Static Resource Object

FormTitan is a powerful online form builder that can easily integrate with salesforce static resource object. Not only does this require no coding skills on your part, but the salesforce connector is seamless and powerful, enabling you to easily build online Salesforce forms. Unlike other products, our salesforce connector not only writes to your salesforce static resource object, but it can also read from them and populate your online form fields instantly. Furthermore, You can read from multiple objects at a time, with or without dependencies and query your objects based on any value from your form.

online form builder with a robust salesforce integration

About the Salesforce Static Resource Object
Represents a static resource that can be used in Visualforce markup.


Use static resources to upload content that you can reference in Visualforce markup, including archives (such as .zip and .jar files), images, stylesheets, JavaScript, and other files. Using a static resource is preferable to uploading a file to the Documents tab because:

  • You can package a collection of related files into a directory hierarchy and upload that hierarchy as a .zip or .jar archive.
  • You can reference a static resource in page markup by name using the $Resource global variable instead of hard-coding document IDs.

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