FormTitan Security

Last updated May 27 2016
Your Data Security is a priority for us

We have been a SaaS provider since 2005. We understand that some customers may have concerns when
their data is kept with a 3rd party. While no one can promise you 100% immunity for data protection, we can
assure you that we take security very seriously and are doing everything we can to protect your data.
Below are some key points for the measures we are taking to protect your data:

256 Bit SSL encryption

All communication between your users, your forms and you, when accessing data, is done using SSL
encryption. Even if your website does not have SSL encryption, when you embed FormTitan forms,
the data filled and submitted is protected by our SSL encryption.

24/7 monitoring and audit trails and logs

We maintain full event logs and audit trails. this enables us to look into any exception,investigate and provide
corrective action if needed.

Restricted FormTitan access to account information and data

FormTitan employees do not have access to your form’s data. (unless you specifically give permissions to
your account manager).

Secured and Reliable infrastructure

We host our data with a certified and compliant 3rd party data center which adheres to the highest standards
when it comes to privacy and data security.

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