Create multiple contacts and cases in Salesforce

Last updated May 07 2018

In this video we will teach you how to utilize the section control to create multiple Salesforce objects.
We will show you how to:

- to enable your form filler to create an account through the form.
- how to allow the filler to create contacts under this account.
- and how to enable him to create cases under a contact.

in order to do this we will show you:
- how to build the form,
- how to use the Section element to create a multiple items container.
- how to make the section repeated, so the filler can add items
- how to configure the Salesforce Push integration so the 3 objects are associated in a parent-child relationship.
- and also how to test this form, once it is set up.

Read more about the Section element
 Read more about Salesforce forms

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