Last updated Apr 04 2018
1- What is a Likert element?
The Likert element is collection of indicators arranged in a table. It consists of Questions (on the left column), Answers (In the top row) and an indication type inside each cell (In the central part of the likert). Currently we support five likert types: radio buttons, checkboxes,  textboxes, star ratings and dropdowns.
It is designed to allow people to give their response by choosing among a series of statements made in the form.
2- What is it used for?
The Likert is mostly used in questionnaires :in market research, opinion polling, major government surveys and academic studies.
3- Where is it located in the "Elements" panel
It is located in the "Elements" panel, inside the "Advanced" tab.
4- What does it look like when it is on canvas?
5- Basic Properties
- Label
- Questions
- Answers
- Randomize
- Answers Type
- Reset Selected Answers
- Mandatory
- User Tip

5- Advanced Properties
- Admin Field

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