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Last updated Oct 29 2017
Form Builder Structure

The form builder is made of 6 main parts:

1- Upper Main Toolbar - containing working operations.
2- Actions Toolbar shows available actions while building the form.
3- Canvas - The area where your form is created.
4- User Area - for User Image, Account Settings etc.
5- Elements Panel - for adding elements
6- Properties Panel - Configuring elements & form settings and style.
Main (Upper Toolbar

The upper toolbar contains icons for the basic operations made in the form builder:

1- File : form options such as: new, open, delete and duplicate.
2- Save
3- Work Modes: Desktop, tablet and mobile.
4- Preview
5- Publish
6- CRO Tips
7- Help
8- Saving Indicator


Actions Toolbar

The Actions toolbar contains of tools and actions that are available while creating the form.
1- Undo / Redo
2- Copy / Duplicate / Paste
3- Delete
4- Align - for aligning several elements 
5- Spacing - for setting the space between a few elements
6- Grid. a tool for helping you to align your elements on canvas
User Area

The user area contains the basic information and options provided for the account user.

1- User Name and subscription type
2- User Image
3- User menu which includes: account settings & logout option.
4- Other Pages - allows the user to move to other parts of the application such as:  "my forms", "my submissions", "theme builder" etc.
Elements Panel:  Add Elements by Drag & Drop

Elements panels contains:

1- 4 main elements categories
Basic, Advanced, Widgets. Salesforce.
2- Each main category consists of Draggable elements and sub categories (which hide more Draggable gable elements under them).
Properties Panel:  Configure your form & elements using their settings & style properties.

Properties panel contains:

1- 2 main tabs: Form and Element
2- Each tab consists of its relevant Settings and Style properties.

The Canvas is the place where the form is actually created. It is divided in to 3 parts:

1- The canvas area
2- Vertical & Horizontal rulers
3- Form Resizing Handles.
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