What Button types can I add to my form?

Last updated Apr 04 2018
The button element

When creating a new form in the FormTitan form builder a submit button is added by default. If you wish to add another type of button - this can easily be achieved by a simple drag & drop.
Once the button element is selected on canvas you can go to the ‘Properties’ panel on the right and change its settings and styles.
In order to change the button type all you need do is go to ‘Properties’ panel > ‘Element’ >  ‘Settings’ > ‘Basic’  and choose the wanted Button Type from the dropdown:
Submit, Reset, Print, Draft, Dummy, Salesforce Action, Visual Composer,  Go Prev, Go Next.

This button submits the form data.

This button clears the values entered in all form fields.

This button allows the user to print the form.

Draft  (also called ‘Save and Resume’)
This button allows the user to start filling in the form at a certain time, save the data entered up to that point and resume the data entry at a later point in time.
Read more about save and resume

This button is a placebo button that has no actual effect when pressed. Its only aim is to get the user to press outside of the input element he was in.
See an example in which a dummy button is used.

Salesforce Action
This button is used to set up a custom Push or Get to Salesforce.
The  Push as well as the Get integration are usually triggered by the submit button, however you can use this ‘Salesforce action’ button to Push or Get part of the data from Salesforce without submitting the form.
Read how to use the Salesforce action button

Visual Composer
The visual composer is an element with which you can embed a PDF in your form, have the form fields mapped above it and have them populated from your Salesforce account.
The visual composer button is the trigger that populates the fields from salesforce.
Read exactly how to use the visual composer button

Go Prev / Go Next
The Next and Prev buttons are used to go back and forth between the pages of a multi page form. When creating the multi page form (using a page break element) a default strip is added at the bottom of the page, containing a pager and advancement buttons (Back / Next), however this strip has a fixed position (Either it is stuck to bottom of screen Or it is placed at the bottom of the page). If you wish to have these buttons placed elsewhere you can only do so by using these buttons instead of the default strip.
Read more about how to use the Go/Prev buttons
Read how to use the Go prev / Go Next buttons

Go to page
This button is used in a multi page form, so that once it is pressed it will re-direct the filler to a  different  page. 
You might say it's much like the "next"/"prev" buttons and this is right, only in this type of button you choose a specific page.

Reset Signature
This button is used for clearing the Signature field. If you are adding a signature field to your form you should add this type of button next to it, to allow your form filler to clear his signature if he wishes. A Double click with the  mouse inside the signature field will also do the trick of clearing the signature, however using a the button is more noticeable.

This button is a straight forward action button and you can configure what will happen once it is pressed. It can affect other elements y showing them, hiding them, enabling/disabling them etc.
When you choose this button type a button will appear and you will need to specify the desired action.

Watch a video about the various button types

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