Custom mail server

Last updated Apr 08 2018

When you are using online forms, emails are sent to form fillers, and often to additional email addresses as well. 
The "Custom mail server" is an advanced feature that allows you to make sure your emails are sent from your own custom mail server, instead of the way they're sent 
by default - which is from the FormTitan server. 

Why would I want to use the Custom Mail Server feature?
Companies and businesses nowadays are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to maintain their branded identity. They understand that clients need to see a unified, coherent brand when they cross paths with your company: when they look you up, when they contact you and also when you contact them. 
A company that uses an external tool, like a form builder, needs to make sure that its brand identity can be upheld. FormTitan, for example enables you to do so by:
- adding your own brand design: creating pages and forms with your logos, images, fonts, colors, style of input elements etc.
- Embedding the form in your website, so it looks like an integral part of your site, and doesn't revel the URL, containing the FormTitan domain.
and last but not least:
- Using a custom mail server, so your clients don't get emails from FormTitan, when they are expecting to get them from you.

How do I set a custom mail server in FormTitan?
Funny enough, it's really easy. All you have to do is enter your account settings, in the "Mail settings" tab and enter your custom email server settings. Read how to create a custom mail server in the mail settings tab

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