Field Mask

Last updated Jun 23 2017
What is a mask?
A mask is a format which is applied to a textbox element and enables the form owner to collect
data in this specific format. The mask format is determined by mask characters and delimiters
which are used in a certain order. Once the mask is applied to the textbox the form filler will not
be able to enter data that is does not fit the format.
Examples of masks:

characters and delimiters
A character represents specific data and is made out of one or more chars. for instance NN is
a character which is made out of 2 N chars and represents 2 numeric chars.
A delimiter is a sign that can be used to separat between characters. For example  : / -  

Following are the mask characters:
'9': (decimal)  - for numbers only  0-9
'n': (decimal)  - for numbers only  0-9
'N': (decimal)  - for numbers only  0-9
'A': (a-z  A-Z)  - for letters only  
'a': (a-z  A-Z) - for letters only  
'*': (a-z  A-Z  0-9)  - Alpha-Numeric : for letters or numbers

How to create a mask?
1- Drag a textbox element on to the canvas.
2- In the form builder - Go to the textbox's settings on the right. ("Properties" panel > Element > Settings > Field Mask
3- Fill in the desired mask format.
Example 1:
For codes that have 2 letters, a hiphen and 3 numbers, like this: DF-347
you will need to enter the mask: AA-NNN
Example 2:
For telephone numbers that have 3 digits,space, 3 digits, spave and 4 digits, like 354 589 8797
you will need to enter the mask: NNN NNN NNNN
4- Save your form.
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