Form limits

Last updated Dec 09 2017

"Limits"  is a category located under the form settings, which holds the options to limit your forms, thus making them active or inactive.

 There are five options available to allow you complete control over your form's accessibility:

1- Unique submission
This property enables you to limit your form to only 1 submission per user.
Read more about unique submission.
2- Quota limit
This property enables you to limit your form to a specific number of submissions. Once you turn on the checkbox you will be required to set the max number of submissions, after which the form will no longer be active.
Read more about Quota limit.
3- Form available from-to
This property enables you to make the form active only between two certain dates you specify.
Read more about Form available from-to.
4- Disable
This property will instantly make the form inactive.
5- IP Whitelist
This property enables you to limit the access to your form only to a list of specified IPs.
Read more about IP Whitelist form limits
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