PDF Mapping

Last updated Feb 09 2018

Paper forms have been around for ages. Grant you, today many forms have gone online, however there are still services which rely on paper forms (like law offices, insurance companies etc). The problem with paper forms is that they slow things down, they require download, printing, filling in manually, and sending by fax. This becomes a hassle since many people don't have a printer or a fax. In addition filling in forms by hand may be tiresome when you are required to fill in the same fields over and over again (like your name or signature).
Furthermore, Companies that need to digitally store the data that was collected with their paper forms now have to deal with a heavier work load:
scanning the forms, typing in the data etc. This is exactly why FormTitan developed this feature : Paper form mapping.

What is PDF (Paper Form) Mapping?

This feature allows you to collect your data using a responsive online form, and receive it in as PDF file.
This is a win-win situation where the data that is entered in the form is stored and can later be managed, while the paper form still gets filled in.
Learn how to use the PDF Mapping

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